Président of the Board of Directors


Quebec City office : 418 651-9900

F : 418 651-5184

Montreal office : 514 845-3533

F : 514 845-9522


The management of a firm with almost 100 employees is both a complex and rewarding undertaking.

The daily management, as done by a team of dedicated employees headed by our General Director, nevertheless requires that the owners of a business first invest the time in the management of their firm.

As President of Morency, Martin Bouffard has the responsibility and the privilege of overseeing the administrative structure of the firm.  Thus, with the collaboration and assistance of the managing partners of the Quebec City and Montreal offices and the other members of the Board of Directors, his primary role is to ensure the unity and the harmonious and efficient development of our teams and our professionals.

Together with the Board of Directors, Martin Bouffard also ensures that our experts enjoy their work environment and have the useful and effective tools available to them, so that our clients can be proud of our representation.