Attorney, Partner


Quebec City office : 418 651-9900

F : 418 651-5184


Bachelor of Laws from McGill University

Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill University

Member of the Barreau du Québec (2007)

Areas of expertise
Construction law
    Civil and Commercial Litigation / Enforcement of security and Collection


      Vincent St-Pierre practises in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, construction, insurance and calls for tender.  He pleads before all Quebec courts on a regular basis.

      Vincent’s law practice in construction covers all kinds of litigation related to this field, particularly procurement, claims for extras and claims due to project delays.

      His practice covers legal hypothecs, securities, drafting and reviewing contracts as well as preparing tender documents.

      During the course of his career, he has acted on behalf of all parties on a construction site, whether general contractor, sub-contractor, engineers, architects, bonding companies and owners.