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Diploma of Collegial Studies in Paralegal Technology from O’Sullivan College of Montreal (1995)


Having worked for more than a dozen years in a notarial firm, where she acquired a solid background and experience in various areas of law including corporate, commercial and real estate sectors, Nancy Aubé-Daigle is now part of our civil and commercial team.

She practices mainly in the fields of financing, collections and realizations of securities.  She actively participates in the research of various public registers, in drafting and preparing documents relating to collection and realization of securities. She is also involved in the drafting of the necessary audit reports required for financing.

She participates in the « due diligence » verification of various public registers, analysis of the information and preparation of the required audit reports.  She takes care of the publication of the securities with the proper authorities.  Furthermore, her mandates include the preparation and review of the legal documentation required for the incorporation, organization, modification, amalgamation, dissolution or reorganization of legal entities.  In addition, her responsibilities include corporate research and requests from our corporate law team.