Who we are

Our firm

Morency is a team of attorneys and notaries entirely dedicated to its clients’ interests. 

Renowned for the quality of its actions, enthusiasm, accessibility and promptness, our firm offers an expertise covering the main areas of law.  

We place a high importance on the work done by an interdisciplinary skilled team, who act together to protect both the legal and financial interests of its clientele, whether public or private companies, businesses or institutions.  We advocate a relationship based on listening and trust as well as a real desire to properly guide and advise our clients.  Our professionals combine competence and excellence with a humane and caring approach.

We will do everything we can so that you avoid loss of time and energy, and this, by focusing on the efficiency of our people and our approach.  Here, there is no burdensome hierarchy:  all professionals do their best to remain available to our clients.  This is translated by calls returned promptly, sound advice and winning solutions.  We represent, accompany and protect your interests, regardless of the complexity of your situation, regardless the line of business you are in.

Our philosophy

Multidisciplinary, cooperative, competent and devoted.  These are the cornerstones upon which Morency built an enviable reputation in all areas of law for now almost 50 years.

We know our clients.  Our clients know us.  That is how we establish positive and significant business relationships.  At the heart of each action, each decision, each solution:  our client.  We are in tune with the experiences lived by our clients and are mindful of the impact of their decisions.

We listen.  We accompany.  We are a team.  

Team up with us and live the Morency experience, law first.

Morency is synonymous with expertise, attentiveness and passion.