In the constant search for alternatives to traditional dispute resolution solutions, Morency offers an arbitration service to help you resolve your disputes efficiently, confidentially and quickly. Many contracts include mandatory arbitration clauses, which may lead you to seek out competent, expert people who are available to act as experts.

Our accredited arbitrators

All members of the Institut de médiation et d'arbitrage du Québec, our arbitrators have extensive experience and rigorous training, enabling them to offer parties a professional service.

The advantages of arbitration with Morency

  • Flexibility - A procedure that can be adapted to your needs and pace.
  • Confidentiality - Your discussions and information remain confidential.
  • Active participation - You play an active role in finding a mutually acceptable solution.
  • Speed - A decision is rendered in less time than in a traditional court procedure.
  • Industry expertise - Our arbitrators have in-depth knowledge of various industries.

Arbitration is the best way to avoid lengthy legal proceedings and obtain a final, binding decision. Entrust your disputes to Morency and opt for an efficient, modern and confidential resolution!

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